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You are on a crashing plane with Justin Bieber & Lady Gaga. You can only save one. Who do you save?

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16 Oct 2018

“Live Through This” by Hole

In the age of #MeToo, Courtney Love’s lyrics about violence against women resonate far and wide.

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Hellogoodbye’s “S’only Natural” spends a second straight week on top, as follow-up single “I’ll Keep On Following You” likewise freezes at No. 4. Making a big debut in the Top 5 is Goody Grace, whose collaboration with G-Eazy, “Girls In The Suburbs Singing Smiths Songs,” checks into the countdown at No. 5.
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13 Oct 2018

This rib is not short on spicy

Beef short rib and aged mole taco. Muy caliente! Ay Dios mio! *fans tongue*

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