30 Mar 2017

Walkers don’t need to escalate

100% of people who walk on escalators can totally just take the stairs if they’re really in a rush.

Torsten Malmström 0 Read More
06 Mar 2017

It’s not like the TV shows

Less than 30% of people who say they will be there for you will actually be there for you.

Nicola Cornthwaite 0 Read More
14 Feb 2017

Divine thanks

94.6% of award winners thank God or a similar Supreme Being in their acceptance speeches.

Mike Hunt 0 Read More
12 Feb 2017

Gurl you know it’s true

67% of homosexual males secretly do not like being addressed as “gurls.”

Warren Isaak 0 Read More
01 Feb 2017

Clipping the theft fantastic

People who clip their nails in public are 68% more likely to rob convenience stores than those who don’t.

Jarkko Mantynen 0 Read More