17 Nov 2007

Clarkson teams with Larry The Cable Guy, IHOP for summer tour

Just days after announcing a joint tour with Reba McEntire in early 2008, Kelly Clarkson has revealed that she will also hit the road next summer on a “one of a kind” co-headlining tour with popular “redneck” comedian Larry The Cable Guy.

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12 Nov 2007

Maya Angelou rejects teen’s ‘fat skater boy’ poem

Sayreville, NEW JERSEY — A 14-year-old male teenager and aspiring poet accused Maya Angelou of being “elitist” after the Pulitzer-nominated author and contemporary American literature icon rejected his poetry submission.

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10 Nov 2007

Spears fan puts voodoo curses on Don Henley, Eagles

A die-hard Britney Spears fan has placed voodoo curses on Don Henley and the Eagles after the group blocked the troubled pop singer from scoring a No. 1 debut on the Billboard 200 album chart this week.

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11 Feb 2006

Gay blogger exposed as Barbara Bush

Ernie Hsiung, the quick-witted gay author and publisher of the popular website littleyellowdifferent.com, is actually former U.S. First Lady Barbara Bush.

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09 Feb 2006

Mariah Carey named “Super-Ultra-Mega-Platinum No. 1 Artist Of All Eternity” by U.S. west coast laundromats

Mariah Carey has been named as the “Super-Ultra-Mega-Platinum No. 1 Artist Of All Eternity” by the Baja Inter-coastal Laundry League Board Of Artistic Recreational Development.

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