07 Mar 2008

Gay construction worker thought straight friend was interested in him

Miami, FL — A homosexual construction worker is re-examining his approach to friendship with straight men after “getting his heart broke” by a man he thought was interested in him but was actually just using him to get close to a female friend of his.

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11 Feb 2008

New mom shocked at baby’s poop

Spotsylvania, VA — On the outside, Sophie looks just like any normal healthy baby: chubby cheeks, big doe eyes and plump doll arms. Inside, though, the tiny tot packs a big stinking secret: she is one mean poop-making machine.

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24 Nov 2007

Blonde leads blind man across busy thoroughfare

Chicago, ILLINOIS — Buxom blonde Cherry Putnam is feeling good after having helped a blind old man cross the street yesterday at the height of Black Friday shopping madness.

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15 Nov 2007

Frigid woman aroused by Ted Nugent’s crotch

A woman who has been suffering from inhibited sexual desire for three decades was sexually aroused after chancing upon Ted Nugent’s “Super Hits” compilation CD in a Wal-Mart bargain bin.

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09 Nov 2007

Unpopular teen takes down website, cancels Facebook account

Wichita, KANSAS – Local highschooler Derek Kelsey unceremoniously removed his fledgling website from the Internet and cancelled his Facebook account today.

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