18 Jan 2015

Female Muslims ask gays for roadside assistance, receive fashion, beauty tips instead

Salt Lake City, UT — Two Muslim women in dire need of roadside assistance after their SUV broke down found themselves receiving priceless fashion and beauty tips instead from a group of gay men they had asked for help.

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22 Aug 2014

Watched pot doesn’t boil, faulty stove blamed

Possum Bluff, FL — A Florida woman is blaming a faulty stove after a pot of water she had been watching did not come to a boil.

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09 Mar 2014

Thousands show up late to work after Toronto mayor’s Daylight Savings Time gaffe

Toronto, ON, Canada — Thousands of gainfully employed Torontonians showed up late to work Sunday after Mayor Rob Ford incorrectly reminded them to turn their clocks back one hour for the start of Daylight Savings Time.

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07 Mar 2014

‘Flop is the new hit,’ says zeitgeist expert

How success is measured and perceived by people is going through a drastic “polar shift” that is tipping the odds in favor of those who have not achieved or do not deserve success at all, a leading sociological expert has revealed.

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19 Sep 2013

Lana Del Rey launches funeral home for ‘young and beautiful’

New York, NY — While most celebrities tend to invest their hard-earned money in more traditional enterprises like gourmet restaurants, franchise hotels and high-end fashion boutiques, sultry singer Lana Del Rey has taken a more unconventional, macabre path and launched her own funeral home business. With a twist.

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