24 Aug 2010

‘Deceptively youthful’ Asians banned from carnival’s age guessing game

Balls Mills, PA — The owners of a traveling amusement show in Central Pennsylvania are facing heat over a decision to ban Asians from participating in the carnival’s popular age guessing game.

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22 Jun 2010

Abercrombie & Fitch clothing makes man, 59, look young

Oceanside, CA — Wearing Abercrombie & Fitch clothing has magically transformed a 59-year-old man into a thirtysomething “surfer dude.”

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04 May 2010

Man regrets name change after old moniker wins prize

Portland, OR — Harry Butts could have been $10,000 richer. If only he hadn’t had his name legally changed.

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03 May 2010

Study: Seeing ‘Avatar’ doesn’t make you a better person

Copenhagen, Denmark — People who have seen James Cameron’s $2 billion-grossing 3D extravaganza “Avatar” are no better off than those who have not, a new study has found.

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21 Apr 2010

Nonagenarian pines for gay childhood crush

Sioux Falls, SOUTH DAKOTA — As Stanley Miller celebrates his 94th birthday surrounded by family and friends, there is only one thing that he wishes for more than continued good health in his advanced years.

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