02 Feb 2010

Prostitutes provide free sex to homeless

Las Vegas, NV — Altruistic prostitutes in the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area have joined forces to provide sexual services to homeless people free of charge.

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23 Jan 2010

Haiti telethon donor disappointed Chevy Chase took call

Los Angeles, CA — With over $57 million USD raised so far, the “Hope For Haiti Now” telethon is without a doubt a resounding triumph of charity and compassion, but to some, like donor Desiree “Baby” Bowes, the event left something to be desired.

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15 Dec 2009

Twitter rejection drives woman to nervous breakdown

Cockintake, Staffordshire, UK — A Staffordshire woman is in hospital after suffering a nervous breakdown brought on by people removing her from their follow lists on popular social networking site Twitter.

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13 Dec 2009

Area gay man ‘can’t get into’ Lady Gaga

West Hollywood, CA — Much to the shock and dismay of his friends and the immediate gay community, West Hollywood, California resident and proud homosexual Luca Ghirardelli has revealed that he is unable to appreciate the gay-geared musical and fashion stylings of Lady Gaga.

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11 Nov 2009

God-mocking website missing, feared smitten

Vancouver, BC — Popular atheistic website godsux.com, which regularly mocked and satirized the concept of a Divine Creator, has vanished from the Internet and is being feared smitten by the Almighty One Himself.

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