16 Oct 2009

Balloon boy’s mom confesses: “We just wanted to be on TV”

Fort Collins, CO — The mother of the 6-year-old boy who was feared to have floated away in a home-made helium balloon has reportedly broken down and confessed that the whole thing was a ruse so their family could be on TV again.

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27 Sep 2009

Group helps people overcome defecation shyness

Kamloops, BC — Until recently, Merlyn Edwardson had been unable to have a bowel movement whenever anyone else was around, be it in a public washroom or his own home. He would rather hold back his urge to defecate than face the prospect of having someone else smell or, worse, hear his bowel movement.

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09 Jul 2009

Al Sharpton mistakenly shows up at unpopular black person’s funeral

Plain Dealing, LA — The Reverend Al Sharpton was caught red-faced today after he showed up to give a speech at what he thought was former NFL star Steve McNair’s memorial service.

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08 Jul 2009

Man unmoved by Jackson memorial ordered to psychiatric evaluation

Piscataway, NJ — An accountant who displayed no trace of grief or sadness during Michael Jackson’s televised memorial service Tuesday has been ordered by his employer to submit to psychiatric evaluation immediately.

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07 Jul 2009

Ice cream vendor ‘the best dad you could ever imagine’

Pahrump, Nevada — While the whole world mourned in unison for Michael Jackson, an ice cream vendor beloved by many in the community was being buried quietly in a simple ceremony, surrounded by those he knew and whose lives he touched.

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