22 Apr 2009

Lindsay Lohan launches chlamydia awareness group

Pasadena, CA — Determined to turn her life around and make a difference after her recent troubles, actress and aspiring singer Lindsay Lohan has taken up the cause of promoting awareness and prevention of chlamydia infection in the United States.

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01 Apr 2009

Man sues “Watchmen” producers for turning him gay

Seattle, WA — A man who has seen “Watchmen” in theaters seven times is suing the movie’s producers, claiming the film had turned him gay.

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01 Jan 2009

Racist accidentally sleeps with object of prejudice

Boston, MA — A self-proclaimed white supremacist ushered in the new year by “getting absolutely obliterated” and inadvertently sleeping with an Asian.

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19 Sep 2008

Hotdog vendor feels important after attending film festival

Toronto, ON — The 2008 Toronto International Film Festival may have already wrapped up, but Jagdish Kulkarni is still basking in the prestigious event’s corporate-sponsored afterglow.

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11 Mar 2008

Soccer mom acquires ‘hip’ music taste stalking cool kids on MySpace

Winthrop, MA — One year ago, Sally Waddington had no idea who My Chemical Romance, Dashboard Confessional, and Fall Out Boy were and what kind of music they played. Now, the 52-year-old mother of three is well-versed on nearly every post-Green Day pop/punk band in existence. She even knows Gerard Way’s current hair color, how many tattoos Chris Carrabba has, and who Pete Wentz is dating.

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