31 Mar 2018

Electric moms

On the day Debbie Gibson released her single “Shock Your Mama” in 1993, nearly 15 million mothers in America were accidentally electrocuted.

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06 Mar 2017

It’s not like the TV shows

Less than 30% of people who say they will be there for you will actually be there for you.

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30 Jan 2017

That moniker is poison

Bell Biv DeVoe originally wanted to call themselves Dev Biv Bell.

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22 Jan 2017

Music Review: “Ghost Light” by Royal Wood

Another solid addition to Mr. Wood’s amazing catalog, this album is a beautiful reflection on the pain of heartbreak and the excitement brought by new beginnings.

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18 Jan 2017

Retro-Review: “C.M.B.” by Color Me Badd

Reviled by music critics and labeled as poseurs when they broke onto the scene in 1991, this Oklahoma City foursome laughed all the way to the bank with their debut release, which spawned no less than 5 hit singles in the United States, including two Billboard Hot 100 No. 1s.

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