Baby goats take part in yoga class with a difference – and no, we’re not kidding

Getting fit can sometimes feel like a grind – but not at this very cute yoga class.

The class, at Jenness Farm in New Hampshire, includes being jumped on while you work out by a flock of adorable baby goats.

The goats clearly absolutely love being able to frolic and play while people are working out.

And it’s already proved to be a massive hit with classes booked up until the end of June.

Farm owner Peter Corriveau said: “Who doesn’t love baby goats? There’s nothing cuter than a baby goat.

The yoga with goats class (Photo: Jenness Farm)

“There’s just something about them, their nature.”

Yoga with goats has generated attention from around the world, as the video of the little creatures jumping all over people taking part in the class has gone viral.

It has been shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media.

We’re not kidding – this yoga class really does involve baby goats (Photo: Jenness Farm)

Martha Bayle said: “This is so cute and special.”

Amy Rubin added: “I would do more yoga if this is how it was done everywhere.”

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says: OMG so cute!!!
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