Russians celebrate World War II Victory Day anniversary with military parades – except this one naked guy

A man was filmed strolling across a zebra crossing completely naked in broad daylight, with only a pair of sandals on.

It happened in Moscow, Russia, on the day that people were out in force to celebrate Victory Day – the anniversary of the end of World War II.

Oddly, an elderly couple who walked over the road in the opposite direction barely glanced at the man as he sauntered in his birthday suit.

The bizarre incident was caught on camera by a motorist with a smart phone who was waiting at the pedestrian crossing in his car.

A naked man crosses the street in broad daylight (Photo: CEN)

The footage was captured by a shocked motorist waiting at the crossing (Photo: CEN)

The footage begins with the nude red-bearded man, in his late 20s, waiting at the side of the road.

When the lights change, he starts walking over the pedestrian crossing as shocked motorists look on.

The man marches straight past them, with his arms swinging by his side, not even bothering to protect his modesty.

Veterans participate during the Victory Day parade in Moscow (Photo: Rex Features)

Soldiers salute on tanks during the Victory Day parade in Moscow (Photo: Rex Features)

A woman can be heard in the background of the video saying: “Let’s film this? Is he drunk? It is f***ing unbelievable!”

A man replies: “I do not know”, then he adds in a louder voice: “This is the 9th of May, 2017.”

The video ends when the nude man reaches the other side of the road and walks away.

People hug to celebrate the Victory Day in Moscow (Photo: Rex Features)

Russian servicemen march during the celebrations (Photo: Rex Features)

It is proving popular online with viewers speculating that the man must have either been extremely drunk or just lost a bet.

Netize ‘Letyuchiy’ said: “That is how people wander Russian streets after they celebrate too much!”

Russian servicewomen march during the Victory Day parade in Moscow (Photo: Rex Features)

But “Andryusha Ushi” added: “He doesn’t look drunk, maybe he has mental issues or just lost a bet, or maybe he is seeking some attention?”

Victory Day is a major celebration in Russia where World War II is known as the Great Patriotic War.

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