New Britney Spears CD cover named trashiest of all time

LOS ANGELES, CA – The cover of Britney Spears’ latest CD, a greatest hits compilation called My Prerogative, has been named the trashiest CD cover of all time by the Los Angeles-based Society of Neoclassical Order & Beauty (SNOB).

“When I first saw it, I was flabbergasted. My immediate reaction was to call up Britney’s record company to offer my designing services for free. I mean, everyone knows that gray and lace don’t go together,” says Lulu Point-du-Lac, the group’s founder and incumbent president.

Point-du-Lac says that the cover artwork is “not only absolutely devoid of any aesthetic and artistic aspiration whatsoever, it is also degrading and an insult to women everywhere.”

“Do we really need to see another over-spritzed and over-airbrushed photograph of Miss Spears nearly naked? The whole thing is simply tasteless. You don’t have to do that to sell your CD,” adds the group’s vice president, Laura Henriksen.

Henriksen cites the late Cass Elliot’s album cover for Dream A Little Dream: The Cass Elliot Collection as an example.

“Here we have a woman at peace with herself, her body, her femininity,” continues Henriksen. “It says, ‘I’m fat and I like eating grapes and laying on the couch all day, and that’s fine.’ The image conveys power and helplessness at the same time. It’s truly a work of art that Britney should learn from.”

Another arts-oriented organization, Miami’s Fine Arts Group (FAG) has contradicted SNOB’s dismissal of the artwork.

Says Sebastian Lefeib, FAG’s spokesperson: “We totally adore the cover of Britney’s new CD! It’s like she’s saying: ‘I’m here, I’m trailer park trash, deal with it.’ It’s fabulous! Those who say otherwise are probably overweight and ugly. We love, love, love it! Go Britney!”

The new CD arrives in record stores on November 9th.

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