Jon & Kate: ‘Being on TV probably our downfall’

The Gosselins

Jon & Kate Plus Blame: it’s not their fault, mmmkay.

Williamsport, PA — The stars of the wildly popular reality show ‘Jon & Kate Plus Eight’ are considering the “very real possibility” that living their everyday lives on TV for everyone to see may be the cause of their much-publicized marital strife.

In an exclusive interview with the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Kate Gosselin, 34, said she and her husband Jon, 32, had come to the conclusion after exhausting all other possible causes of their domestic disharmony.

“We thought long and hard about it, and there really isn’t anything else that could have possibly put us in our present predicament,” said the budding author and feisty mother of twins and sextuplets. “I really think doing the show is to blame for Jon and I not getting along.”

Jon Gosselin said he hasn’t agreed with anything his wife has said in a long while, but is “full-on, 100% on the same page as Kate” with her assessment of the situation.

“If no one was watching us all the time, I would have been able to sneak out on the down low without being splashed across national tabloids in a hot minute,” said Jon.

“And no one would have noticed that my hair has started to take over our household,” added Kate. “It’s the show’s fault we’re a damn mess. Ooops, can you please edit that out? I don’t want my kids to read that.”

The couple has been going through a rough patch since media reports surfaced that Jon Gosselin was having an affair after he was seen partying late one night with various women and leaving with one of them. Kate Gosselin has also been linked romantically to their family bodyguard, Steve Neild. Both have vehemently denied the rumors, but are mum on what the future holds.

“I honestly don’t know where all of this will end. But no matter what the outcome is, I’d like to be able to say to myself that I gave it my best,” said Kate.

The fifth season of “Jon & Kate Plus Eight” premiered last night on The Learning Channel, dominated by an atmosphere filled with anger and unease. The episode focused primarily on the sextuplets’ fifth birthday. The couple, who married in 1999, was rarely seen sharing the same frame or speaking to each other.

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