Beyoncé’s new album to be called ‘Noodle’ in China, Japan & Korea

Beyoncé: Bad title is not irreplaceable

Beyoncé’s forthcoming new album, 4, will be officially sold as Noodle in China, Japan and Korea.

The title change was decided after a conclusive market research conducted by Columbia Records showed that people in the above mentioned markets will most likely avoid buying the album with its original title because the number “4” is generally considered unlucky.

Columbia Records head honcho Rob Stringer said the title change “shows Beyoncé’s and the company’s deepest respect for our Asian demographic.”

“Beyoncé was involved in this decision every step of the way,” Stringer said. “She’s very hands-on, and cares a lot about her Asian fans.”

When asked how they came up with the album’s replacement title, Stringer explained they wanted “something that Asian people can easily relate to.”

“It was either ‘Rice’ or ‘Noodle,'” Stringer said. “Beyoncé decided on the latter because she loves them ramen noodles.”

Stringer added the title change will not impact the album’s release date in those markets.

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