Lady Gaga donates inflatable ‘ARTPOP’ tour props, costumes to flood & hurricane relief

Lady Gaga performing on the ARTPOP Tour amidst inflatable stage props

Lady Gaga performing on the ARTPOP Tour amidst inflatable stage props

Failed pop singer and charitable tax shelter specialist Lady Gaga has donated all of the inflatable props and costumes from her flop 2014 ARTPOP tour to flood and hurricane relief, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has revealed.

The donation was made Saturday in the wake of Hurricane Matthew’s deadly battering of much of America’s southern Eastern seaboard. As of press time, the storm’s US death toll climbed to 21, with North Carolina reporting 11 deaths, Florida reporting four, and three each in South Carolina and Georgia.

FEMA spokesperson Gemma de la Cruz said the organization is “very grateful” for the generous donation, which the agency has already deployed to relief operations in flood-stricken North Carolina. FEMA rescue workers primarily use the ARTPOP tour props and costumes as flotation devices to reach out to and help stranded flood victims.

Lady Gaga in her octopus costume

Lady Gaga in her octopus costume

“Our workers have never had so much fun doing their work rescuing stranded Americans. These inflatable tour props and costumes from Lady Gaga have been putting smiles on everyone’s faces despite the grim situation they’re in,” de la Cruz said. “Our workers particularly enjoy wearing her octopus costume.”

According to de la Cruz, Lady Gaga did not personally make the donation, but she did send a very sweet handwritten note along with an advance copy of her new album, Joanne.

“After the conclusion of the ARTPOP tour, I always knew it wasn’t quite the end, that there was so much more potential for my reverse Warholian creations,” said Gaga in the note. “I am proud and truly honored to donate my ARTPOP costumes and props to FEMA.

“P.S. Please don’t forget to send me a tax receipt,” the singer added. “I have enclosed a self-stamped, self-addressed envelope for your convenience. Paws up, FEMA.”

Despite the disappointing reception to her comeback singles “Perfect Illusion” and “Million Reasons,” which both flopped upon release, Lady Gaga is soldiering on and keeping herself busy promoting her new album and preparing for her headlining appearance at next year’s Super Bowl Halftime show. The singer clinched the gig after agreeing to pay the National Football League $5 million.

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