Unpopular teen takes down website, cancels Facebook account

Kelsey: Quitting Internet.

Wichita, KANSAS – Local highschooler Derek Kelsey unceremoniously removed his fledgling website from the Internet and cancelled his Facebook account today.

Kelsey, 16, cited “a disheartening lack of general interest in my shit” as the main reason.

“I spent an insane amount of time putting things on my site, like my journal entries and stuff, but nobody seemed to care. I just got sick of it,” says Kelsey, who attends Wichita High School East.

Kelsey said he also cancelled his Facebook account for the same reason, and the fact that he had only managed to accumulate 9 friends after being on it for nearly 12 months.

The teenager plans to continue writing in his physical journal “for himself.”

“From now on, no one else is gonna know what I thought of last night’s episode of Ugly Betty. I am completely abandoning the online community,” says the disenchanted teen.

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