Uncut Jewish men are hotter: online survey

Ezra Klein: fetishized for his foreskin?

Jewish men who are not circumcised are far more desirable and 97% more likely to “get lucky” than those who are, an online dating site survey has found.

The poll, launched in April by NoPressureOverKreplach.com, a dating service geared towards Jewish singles and those who love them, attracted over 8,000 respondents and touched upon a diverse variety of topics, including the sensitive issue of Jewish men dating shiksas, and Jewish females showing up at Rosh Hashanah dinners wearing nonkosher underpants.

The topic that ignited the most interest and discussion, however, was the one about uncircumcised Jewish men and their attractiveness and sex appeal. The survey has found that on questions such as “On whom would you be more likely to perform oral sex?” and “To whom would you rather lose your virginity?”, female (as well as a significant number of male) respondents overwhelmingly favored uncut Jewish males.

Site owner Ephrem Mogberg said this clearly demonstrates “an ongoing paradigm shift in the Jewish community’s perception of the value and relevance of circumcision in this modern day and age,” while at the same time not dismissing the possibility that this could simply be a passing phase in which uncut Jewish men are fetishized for their extra skin.

“Listen, it’s perfectly possible that folks just like uncut Jews because of their rarity, but, fetish or not, I’ll be the first to say that I cannot wait for the day when Jewish parents won’t feel compelled to follow tradition and chop off their newborn son’s foreskin,” said Mogberg. “We don’t have to do that anymore, and this survey clearly shows why.”

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