‘Flop is the new hit,’ says zeitgeist expert


How success is measured and perceived by people is going through a drastic “polar shift” that is tipping the odds in favor of those who have not achieved or do not deserve success at all, a leading sociological expert has revealed.

Harvard University adjunct professor of sociology Dirk Kaplenich made the claim in his new book, The Psychology Of Flopping (McGraw-Hill), which quickly zoomed to the top of The New York Times best seller list for non-fiction titles upon its release last week.

According to Kaplenich, who has had his pulse on the zeitgeist for over two decades and has written countless books about sociological patterns and trends, people are starting to view success as severely overrated and are gravitating toward a more favorable and certainly less severe view of failures.

“More and more we are seeing proof of a very clear paradigm shift in societal perception of what success means to people,” said Kaplenich. “Pretty soon we will be at the turning point when the failures will be the successes, the bottoms will be tops.”

Among the many topics Kaplenich discussed in his book is the recent failed comeback of pop singer Lady Gaga, whose new album ARTPOP crashed and burned in the charts with nary a hit single to sustain it.


Cheer up, Lady Gaga. You’re a hit!

“She actually inspired the title of my book. When her album underperformed, everyone was quick to write her off as a has-been, a big flop,” said Kaplenich. “But what is a flop, really? Who’s to say one is a flop? All these questions are being asked in our society right now, and the answers are already coming into clarity.”

Kaplenich said Lady Gaga fans who have been distraught over the singer’s flop-ridden comeback should hold their heads up high and embrace the situation for what it is.

“A flop may not be a flop after all,” Kaplenich said. “We need to look inwards, to question ourselves what a flop means to us. The definition of success is changing for a lot of people.”

“It’s definitely changing for Lady Gaga,” Kaplenich concluded.

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