Thousands show up late to work after Toronto mayor’s Daylight Savings Time gaffe

Toronto, ON, Canada — Thousands of gainfully employed Torontonians showed up late to work Sunday after Mayor Rob Ford incorrectly reminded them to turn their clocks back one hour for the start of Daylight Savings Time.

The erroneous reminder came by way of a message posted Saturday night on the mayor’s official Twitter account which read, “Daylight Savings Time starts this evening, turn your clocks back and change batteries in smoke alarms.”


Daylight Savings Time in North America starts on the second Sunday of March each year and requires the turning of clocks forward by one hour. Mayor Ford’s incorrect reminder was deleted about an hour after being posted and has since been reposted with the correct instruction.


Lissey: “I thought I was early.”

But it was too late for 54-year-old Rodney Lissey, who had already heeded the mayor’s reminder and set all his clocks back one hour before going straight to bed for his early Sunday morning shift. Lissey, who works as a bagel duster at the Great Canadian Bagels Factory in Toronto’s west end, said he and several co-workers were “gobsmacked” to find out they were late by two hours.

“I thought I was fifteen minutes early for my 6 o’clock shift, but it was actually already almost 8 o’clock,” said Lissey. “I was quite embarrassed.”

While exact numbers are not known, it is widely believed that most of the people affected by the mayor’s erroneous tweet are blue-collar workers who come from his constituent base – the so-called “Ford Nation.”

The Toronto Star’s City Hall reporter Daniel Dale said among the defining characteristics of “Ford Nation” are the abject subjugation and unquestioning allegiance to Mayor Rob Ford.

“They believe in everything he says, and will do anything he says,” says Dale. “To them he is like an infallible deity incapable of doing wrong. This latest gaffe is just more proof of that.”

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