Watched pot doesn’t boil, faulty stove blamed


Miffed granny

Possum Bluff, FL — A Florida woman is blaming a faulty stove after a pot of water she had been watching did not come to a boil.

Sheila Corrigan, 59, said she started watching the pot at 11:06 in the morning Thursday, “up until about 11:47.”

“I stood there patiently, just watching the pot. I had already done my coupon clippings for the day, and this was the next thing on my list,” said the grandmother of two, who was preparing meatball spaghetti for lunch.

Corrigan said she stopped watching the pot after realizing the heating element on her electric stove wasn’t even warm.

“I was really miffed, to be honest. Watching that whole time, and the stove wasn’t even working,” she added.

A repairman had already been called, and will be coming in the next couple of days to fix the faulty appliance. In the meantime, Corrigan said spaghetti for lunch was canceled and replaced by Jambalaya leftovers from Monday night.

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