Beware of ‘flop transference’ from Lady Gaga, warns career expert

'Extremely high flop quotient': Lady Gaga lets it all hang out at a promotional event for her latest bomb, Joanne.

‘Extremely high flop quotient’: Lady Gaga lets it all hang out at a promotional event for her latest bomb, Joanne.

Thinking of working or collaborating with Lady Gaga? If you value your career, you may want to reconsider that thought.

A leading career adviser has warned against getting in league with the failed pop singer due to her alarming history of flop transference, a term which denotes the imprinting of failure from one individual or entity to another.

Lynette Rattigan, a career specialist at Monster Worldwide Inc., said the danger of flop transference from Lady Gaga is so high that career-minded people would do well to avoid being associated with her at any cost.

“Lady Gaga is someone we call a high-risk flop inducer. That is, she has such an extremely high Flop Quotient (FQ) that working or associating with her all but guarantees enormous catastrophic failure for her collaborators,” said Rattigan. “You work with a flop like her, you risk becoming a flop yourself.”

Monster’s Flop Quotient (patent-pending) is determined by examining a person’s career flops and applying a graduated score for each flop. A string of flops would net an amplified score accordingly. If the person’s current flop is worse than the last one, it will increase the FQ exponentially. According to Rattigan, the “Perfect Illusion” singer’s flop quotient is standing at 2108, out of a possible top (flop) score of 2200.

“That is quite high,” she said.

Since 2011, all of Lady Gaga’s solo projects have progressively flopped, with each one flopping harder than the last. External endeavors she had been involved in since then have also suffered varying degrees of failure.

Rattigan cites former State Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton as the ultimate example of Lady Gaga’s flop transference.

“Secretary Clinton was well on her way to becoming the first female President of the United States, her polling numbers were great going into the final stretch,” said Rattigan. “Then Lady Gaga showed up at her last campaign event, and well, you know what happened on Election Day.”

Flop transference victim: Hillary Rodham Clinton ponders her failure

Flop transference victim: Hillary Rodham Clinton ponders her failure

Another prime example of Lady Gaga’s flop transference is Beyoncé, who collaborated with the “G.U.Y.” singer in 2009-2010 on the songs “Video Phone” and “Telephone.” When Beyoncé returned in 2011 with her fourth album, 4, the flop transference was undeniable. None of the singles she released from the era charted well, and the album suffered tepid sales.

What’s puzzling, according to Rattigan, is that despite clear evidence of heavy flop transference from Lady Gaga, the singer still continues to find people willing to work with her.

“It is simply astounding considering how much of a flop she is and how much of that failure transfers over to the people she works with, and yet she continues to get all these gigs,” Rattigan said. “I think the Super Bowl LI organizers will rue the day they agreed to give Lady Gaga the halftime show spot.”

Rattigan says that while flop transference is most evident with someone as high profile as Lady Gaga, it is a common occurrence in people’s lives.

“There are many Lady Gagas out there. At the workplace, at school, in your social circle…high-risk flop inducers are everywhere. You have to watch out for them,” she said. “They are typically conniving and duplicitous, they lie and make up stories about themselves to make themselves more interesting, they are very dishonest about their intentions, and they are generally talentless hacks.

“Flop transference is a real threat to career health; it should be taken very seriously,” said Rattigan. “Not everyone is as lucky as Beyoncé, who was able to bounce back from her disastrous transference experience. If you become exposed to a high-risk flop inducer like Lady Gaga, your career and indeed your life may never recover.”

Beyoncé: Flop transference survivor

Beyoncé: Marital infidelity and flop transference survivor

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  • Carol Anne! Carol Anne!

    We’ve been saying this for years. Anyone that follows her in the biz can see that the flop transference is totally real. And she says PTSD from rape or from having to perform for the Born This Way tour was too much for her to endure (she hasn’t got her story straight yet). Excuse me, really PTSD from performing on stage for someone that desperately wanted to be a pop star, well she’s too lazy.

    Who that has a hip injury (broken hip and surgery) goes out in platform shoes just 2-3 weeks later walking around as if nothing happened. She was reveling in her gold wheelchair for attention as she had to cancel her tour because it wasn’t selling tickets and she wanted to save face, so here comes the excuse, a broken hip that she didn’t tell anyone about, but now her story is changing and says that she did tell people but they didn’t care. Which is true Gaga? She changes her story all the time. That’s what happens when you lie so much you start to forget details and contradict yourself.

    All she has the energy to do is dress up in outfits off the assembly line 12 times a day and walk outside her apartment or hotel room for photo ops. If she has PTSD about rape why would she be flaunting herself around proudly naked all the time with her nose up in the air and working with R. Kelly and Terry Richardson on a pro date rape song video for Do What you Want To My Body?

    I don’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth. she’s full of contradictions and will do and say anything for attention. Whether it is her prancing around with an inflated ego full of narcissism or whining and complaining about something and crying all the time for sympathy from her brain dead fans, what she always wants is over the top attention. People with PTSD do NOT behave like her. She has cried wolf too many times. Why doesn’t the media get on with the truth movement and expose her lies for what they are?

    • Lady Manufactured

      more tea thanks!

    • YSYME

      Because she is obviously connected to some elite idiots who sponsor and protect her. Why don’t people see this. Nobody has been irrelevant for so long and still able to pull off a farce of being the star of the world. Usually people fade quickly if their albums don’t sell after several years. She is bankrupt and still performs…??? I know from sources that she is so in depth, she can probably compete with michael jackson at the end of his career.
      But she has daddy and some family members who kept throwing money and opportunities i. They buy her chart positions and radio plays, however, the public is only foolable to a certain extend and you can’t do it forever.

  • Carol Anne! Carol Anne!

    Yeah lady Gaga’s connection to the Podesta Mariana Abramovic Spirit Cooking debauchery for elites wasn’t helpful for Hillary either. Disgusting! Lady Gaga is an elitist, how else do you think she gets so many opportunities to promote herself endlessly. It’s inside connections to those that pull all the strings. Despicable.

    • YSYME

      Her family must be connected to some elite people, its the only way she could get relevant so fast and they also say herb parents (and elitists) paid for her entire career. Thats why Fusari etc could build this lady gaga character by ripping off some other artists and make it public. the music industry has no money, so right now its mostly rich kids whose parents pay for their career and some idiots steal personas and artwork online from lesser known more talented artists. Its sickening but she gets what she deserves. daddy is still paying I guess so she pretends with paid articles and press that she is relevant

  • LaX

    LOL best article!

  • ℜebel ℌeart

    Why doesn’t that surprise me? She’s just a parasite that needs to be squash quickly.

  • pinguisini

    floppology must become a science in itself! im so living for this full of truth article!

  • Lady Manufactured

    lady flop

  • Martin Austin

    Hate Beyonce and Stefani Germanotta, both of these vile women support the fur trade, and both are trash

  • I’m not Flop Ga

    LMFAO best article ever


    AHAHAHAHAHAHA,,, karmaaaaa, this literally made my entire year…no actually it made my life