Canada’s governor general in baby foreskin eating controversy

Michaëlle Jean

Michaëlle Jean: Hannibal rising?

Ottawa, ON — Canada’s Governor General Michaëlle Jean’s adventurous taste buds have landed her in hot water yet again after she participated in an ancient Hasidic circumcision ritual which culminated in her eating the freshly cropped foreskin of a newborn Jewish male infant.

The circumcision rite, a variation of the traditional brit milah, is performed on the thirteenth day of a Hasidic Jewish boy’s life, and involves the serving of the excised foreskin in a special ceremonial lentil soup to the chosen godparents, or kwaterin.

The newborn who received the rite is the son of a close family friend of Jean’s. She was among the many godparents in attendance at the event, held at the private residence of Israeli Ambassador Alan Baker.

There were no plans to publicize Jean’s appearance at the intensely personal event, but the story leaked out to the press after Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, who also attended the ceremony, made a brief reference to it around the watercooler at Parliament Hill.

Jean was reportedly asked what she thought of the foreskin soup, to which she responded, “You know, it’s kinda like chicken, but more tender.”

Children’s advocates worldwide have denounced the event and called Jean a “ruthless cannibal with an insatiable, ravenous appetite for blood.”

“The Governor General’s bloodlust is frightening. First, raw seal heart. Now, a baby’s foreskin. What’s next? Michael Ignatieff’s brain?” said Deb Matthews, Ontario’s Minister of Children and Youth Services.

Secretary to the Governor General Sheila-Marie Cook strongly rebuked criticisms leveled at Jean, saying: “The eating of baby foreskin has gone on for ages in a culture vastly older than ours. It is a beautiful and sacred tradition that the Governor General was proud to have honoured.”

“The Governor General is not turning into Hannibal Lecter. Everyone just needs to calm down,” said Cook.

Earlier this week, Jean was roundly criticized by animal rights activists after she was photographed in public partaking in the consumption of a slain seal’s raw heart. Canadian Inuit leaders praised Jean’s gesture, saying it sends a strong message to the world about the traditional “country food” that Inuit rely on.

Jean’s next scheduled public appearance is at a winery opening in Montérégie, Quebec, where she is expected to engage in normal alimentation and libation.

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