Canada’s governor general in baby foreskin eating controversy

Michaëlle Jean

Michaëlle Jean: Hannibal rising?

Ottawa, ON — Canada’s Governor General Michaëlle Jean’s adventurous taste buds have landed her in hot water yet again after she participated in an ancient Hasidic circumcision ritual which culminated in her eating the freshly cropped foreskin of a newborn Jewish male infant.

The circumcision rite, a variation of the traditional brit milah, is performed on the thirteenth day of a Hasidic Jewish boy’s life, and involves the serving of the excised foreskin in a special ceremonial lentil soup to the chosen godparents, or kwaterin.

The newborn who received the rite is the son of a close family friend of Jean’s. She was among the many godparents in attendance at the event, held at the private residence of Israeli Ambassador Alan Baker.

There were no plans to publicize Jean’s appearance at the intensely personal event, but the story leaked out to the press after Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, who also attended the ceremony, made a brief reference to it around the watercooler at Parliament Hill.

Jean was reportedly asked what she thought of the foreskin soup, to which she responded, “You know, it’s kinda like chicken, but more tender.”

Children’s advocates worldwide have denounced the event and called Jean a “ruthless cannibal with an insatiable, ravenous appetite for blood.”

“The Governor General’s bloodlust is frightening. First, raw seal heart. Now, a baby’s foreskin. What’s next? Michael Ignatieff’s brain?” said Deb Matthews, Ontario’s Minister of Children and Youth Services.

Secretary to the Governor General Sheila-Marie Cook strongly rebuked criticisms leveled at Jean, saying: “The eating of baby foreskin has gone on for ages in a culture vastly older than ours. It is a beautiful and sacred tradition that the Governor General was proud to have honoured.”

“The Governor General is not turning into Hannibal Lecter. Everyone just needs to calm down,” said Cook.

Earlier this week, Jean was roundly criticized by animal rights activists after she was photographed in public partaking in the consumption of a slain seal’s raw heart. Canadian Inuit leaders praised Jean’s gesture, saying it sends a strong message to the world about the traditional “country food” that Inuit rely on.

Jean’s next scheduled public appearance is at a winery opening in Montérégie, Quebec, where she is expected to engage in normal alimentation and libation.

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  • I can’t believe that this is even possible in Canada. I’m a big fan of Gov-Gen Jean and was just looking for some material to do a story about her. I’m in shock. As a country, we need to stop the mutilation of children’s genitals so that we never have to hear something like this again. There are many Jewish and Muslim rituals that have gone the way of the dodo bird because they were crazy.

    Those of us who work in women’s and children’s health know that there can be no excuse for amputating healthy tissue from an unconsenting minor. Baby girls are protected by law, we need to protect baby boys, too. I’m sure the Gov-Gen would never participate in a religious ceremony that involved eating tissue that was cut from a baby girl.

    • Stephen Shellen

      At this point, I’m not sure of anything!

  • Only by denying the existence of excruciating pain, perinatal encoding of the brain with violence, interruption of maternal/infant bonding, betrayal of infant trust, the risks and effects of permanently altering normal genitalia, the right of human beings to sexually intact and functional bodies, and the right to individual religious freedoms, can human beings continue to amputate genital parts of infants and children.

    The grotesqueness of eating a purloined foreskin of a non-consenting baby in a soup and claiming it’s “kinda like chicken, but more tender,” defies reason.

    A Governor General has an obligation to set an example and cannibalism is not a good example! Nor is tolerating the non-therapeutic amputation of a normal foreskin from a non-consenting baby. It’s his body and his right to keep it!

    Genital cutting is neither ethical nor sacred. Circumcision is an anachronistic blood ritual that has no place in civilized society.

  • Please read the site’s disclaimer at

    In a nutshell, no baby foreskin was eaten in the making of this article.

  • Sam Angell


    The “right to individual religious freedom” is why this was acceptable in the first place. You realize this, correct? And in all honesty, considering most men want to have sex at some point in their life, I’ve found that most men feel self-conscious about being UN-altered, not angry that they are.


    It’s not just customs of Jewish and Muslim faiths that have “gone the way of the dodo bird”. I assume from your attack of Judaism and Muslim religions that you adhere to some form of Christianity. You know, the lot who used to stone people to death, sacrifice animals, burn people alive, and crucify folks who happened to disagree with them. All of the world religions have seen change or annihilation since they were first created, it’s not just the ones that you disagree with.

  • Tamoor

    @ At all you numbskulls saying circumcision is unethical have a look at at the facts. According to the WHO it reduces your chances of contracting HIV by about half and has been hailed by experts everywhere.

    Get over your knee jerk reaction to something different than your forsaken culture. BTW Muslims don’t consume the foreskin, they just cut it.

    BTW Ever cut your nailes? Isn’t that mutilation? Last time I checked there was anesthesia available too.

    • Micah Myers

      That’s been proven bullshit. Circumcision does not reduce the risk of any STDs in the slightest.
      Islam does not use circumcision. This is relegated to only a Jewish cult and the U.S.

    • Stephen Shellen

      and the WHO would never publish incorrect information? Hmmmm. Might want to dig for information elsewhere.

  • anthony mcnaughton

    What a most interesting and base article to absorb . Sheilla-Marie Cook defends and acclaims this to be a “beautiful and sacred tradition” that comes from a culture older than ours . Female circumcision apparently has the same attributes/praise given it “over there” , and yet we are outraged . The cultures of yester-year lacked the advanced understanding of personal/bodily sovereignty and the development of dignity to the individual’s right to not be mutilated for the unethical and moral lacking activity of genital mutilation upon either sex.
    It is clearly evident that , we are not as advanced as a society as we claim ourselves to be .

  • Stradart

    Sick motherfuckers. They all need to be culled with the rest of psychopaths.