Narcissists rally behind Anthony Weiner

Weiner: If you got it, flaunt it.

Queens, NY — The Association of Narcissistic Americans (ANAm) today threw their support behind embattled New York Congressman Anthony Weiner and encouraged him to “hang in there, keep your head up high, and stay strong.”

In an official statement released to the press, ANAm President Rory Cummings sharply rebuked critics and pundits calling for Weiner’s resignation in the wake of a disastrous sex scandal which revealed the feisty legislator engaging in inappropriate online conduct with various young women all over the United States.

“People who are dogging Mr. Weiner clearly have deep-seated personal issues regarding self-esteem,” said Cummings, 45. “They see this well-groomed, beautifully-muscled, and amply-endowed person who is comfortably in touch with himself, and they just want to bring him down because of that.”

“Everyone makes mistakes, even beautiful people with desirable sexual organs.”

Cummings acknowledged that it was wrong of Weiner to lie about sending a sexually explicit photograph of his “huge erect penis” to a female follower on social networking site Twitter.

“The first thought that went through my head is ‘Why lie about something that is a part of you that so many people wished they had?’ It’s unfathomable,” said Cummings. “But it’s okay, everyone makes mistakes, even beautiful people with desirable sexual organs.”

The 45-year-old Brooklyn real estate agent with frosted blonde highlights urged members of the U.S. Congress to “stop pressuring Weiner about his sex life, and start worrying about the real issues that matter to Americans.”

“Let’s get real. We have a ballooning national debt, wars we can’t afford, a messed-up health care system, and we’re stressing over Weiner’s sexual proclivities? Come on,” Cummings quipped. “At least you didn’t get someone like Barney Frank tweeting pictures of his naked self to everyone.

“Now THAT would be a national tragedy,” said Cummings of the unsavory image.

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