Hillary Clinton displays impressive composure at 11-hour, climax-free Republican circle jerk

Former State Secretary Hillary Clinton at the U.S. Congress Benghazi hearing

Former State Secretary Hillary Clinton at the U.S. Congress Benghazi hearing

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton displayed impressive calm and composure today at a marathon congressional hearing investigating the Benghazi attacks, which could only be best described as an 11-hour GOP circle jerk in which no Republican climaxed.

Moments after the hearing began at ten o’clock in the morning, it was clear Republican lawmakers who dominated the questioning panel were pulling out all the stops in attacking the Democratic presidential front-runner in the hopes of catching her in a “Gotcha!” moment and derailing her presidential ambitions.

One after the other, and over and over throughout the grueling day, the seven Republicans in the 12-member panel took their best shots at Clinton.

Illinois Rep. Peter Roskam led the relentless onslaught, rabidly grilling Clinton about the extent of her accountability with regard to security arrangements for U.S. diplomats in the troubled area.

At one point, Roskam ripped a piece of paper in two in a theatrical gesture meant to support his claim that requests for security from Ambassador Chris Stevens, one of the four people who lost their lives in the attacks, were denied.

“You laid this on Chris Stevens, didn’t you? They didn’t get through to you. They didn’t get through to your inner circle,” Roskam charged dramatically.

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan repeatedly attacked Clinton throughout the day, first alleging that she and other Obama administration staff tried to blame the attack on an anti-Muslim YouTube video to avoid undercutting President Barack Obama’s claims that he had crushed al Qaeda in the region.

Jordan also clashed with Clinton over her use of a private email server she employed instead of a government account while serving as Secretary of State.

“It seems like there is a pattern, a pattern of changing your story … If your story about your emails keeps changing, how can we accept your statements that you have turned over all work-related emails and all emails about Libya?” asked Jordan.

Rep. Mike Pompeo of Kansas attempted to rile Clinton by asking why her old friend and political operative Sidney Blumenthal had been able to send her personal emails, while requests for more security from U.S. staff in Libya did not reach her desk.

Through it all, however, the former State Secretary maintained a calm demeanor, which only broke for a moment of levity at around 7:15 pm, when she burst into her famous guffawing laugh after being asked by Alabama Rep. Martha Roby whether or not she was alone after she went home on the night of the attack.

Overall, no new information was uncovered in the protracted hearing, although it did allow Clinton to produce many soundbite-worthy responses which only serve to boost her profile and underscore her suitability for the highest political office in America.

On the other hand, the House Republicans all went home with the political equivalent of blue balls.

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