Hipster accidentally choked to death by H&M scarf

Takanaka: Tragically hip

Chūō, Tokyo — Police authorities have ruled as accidental the death of a 22-year-old hipster found in his apartment Thursday hanging from the top of a double-decker bed, suspended by an H&M scarf.

Atsuro Takanaka, who was a popular fixture in Tokyo social circles, was still in his club clothes when he was discovered by his roommate and best friend Takeshi Arabuto, also 22.

“I was really shocked when I saw him,” said Arabuto. “At first I thought, ‘Why did he kill himself?,’ but it didn’t make sense.”

Arabuto said there had been no indication that Takanaka was depressed and suicidal. The two were out partying the night before. Arabuto said they both got “pretty wasted.”

“He went home by himself while I went and hung out with another friend,” said Arabuto.

Forensic examiner Furuta Funayama said the evidence suggested that while Takanaka was trying to get up to the top of the bunk bed, he had somehow gotten his H&M scarf tangled in the railings and fell off, causing his strangulation. He called the death tragic and “absolutely preventable.”

“I could never stress this enough: never wear scarves to bed, especially when you’re drunk out of your mind,” said Funayama. “You just never know what would happen.”

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