“Broadcast” by Cutting Crew

Album Title: Broadcast

Year of Release: 1986

Performed by: Cutting Crew

The Bent*Spud 2 Cents:

Few debut albums in the history of music have received undeserved critical lashing as much as Cutting Crew’s introductory set did upon its release in 1986. While it did not set out to reinvent anything, the album was a well-produced collection of crowd-pleasing songs that you instantly hum along to upon hearing. It deftly straddled the fine line between new wave and mainstream rock.

Best Tracks: “(I Just) Died In Your Arms,” “I’ve Been In Love Before,” “One For The Mockingbird,” “Sahara,” “Fear Of Falling”

T H E     B E N T * S P U D     S C O R E     C A R D

  • Overall Production
  • Lyrical Quality
  • Catchiness
  • Technical Complexity
  • Originality
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