“Mistaken Identity” by Kim Carnes

Album Title: Mistaken Identity

Year of Release: 1981

Performed by: Kim Carnes

Running Time: 40 minutes 13 seconds

The Bent*Spud 2 Cents:

Kim’s sixth studio album includes her biggest smash hit “Bette Davis Eyes,” one of the coolest songs to ever come out of the 1980s. This album should have established Ms. Carnes as a bigger star right up there with the Tina Turners and Olivia Newton-Johns. It certainly covered all of the bases required to be a successful female pop musician in that decade.

Best Tracks: “Bette Davis Eyes,” “When I’m Away From You,” “Hit And Run,” “Miss You Tonite,” “Don’t Call It Love”

T H E     B E N T * S P U D     S C O R E     C A R D

  • Overall Production
  • Lyrical Quality
  • Catchiness
  • Technical Complexity
  • Originality
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