16 Sep 2018

The Beyond

The use of the interview footage technique is a bit of a lazy cop-out, but perhaps a necessity given budget constraints.

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09 Sep 2018

The Nun

In recent years, a number of movies have tried to originate new monsters to scare us all and make us wary of the dark, but very few have been successful and effective in evoking absolute dread and fear.

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10 Aug 2018

Slender Man

They tried really hard to create another scary monster in the grand old tradition of the Babadook, but they failed miserably. What a disappointing let down.

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02 Jun 2017

Wonder Woman

The movie is good. But it ain’t that good. Certainly not up to the level of greatness that people and critics have talked it up to. The plot, for one, is basically a retread of Captain America: The First Avenger. The only difference is that Diana Prince didn’t need to be genetically re-engineered and manipulated.

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13 Nov 2015


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