23 Oct 2018

“Guilty” by Barbra Streisand

In the late 70s, the Bee Gees were massive and their success was inescapable. Babs naturally observed all of this and thought, “I would love me some of those Bee Gees!”

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23 Oct 2018

“Slay & Slake” by Sam Mickens

This debut offers a mysterious, bizarre and unnerving mind trip with the singer’s unearthly vocals weaving in and out of creepy baroque pop/folk soundscapes.

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22 Oct 2018

“Alone For The First Time” by Ryan Hemsworth

The Canadian electronic wizard’s quick follow-up to his acclaimed debut is a profound reflection on solitude and the longing for company, packed with endearing songs, and clocking in at just 28 minutes, leaves you wanting more.

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22 Oct 2018

“311” by 311

The self-titled third album by the Omaha, Nebraska band is a seamless blend of rock, rap and funk influences with a glossy radio-ready production aimed at the mainstream.

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18 Oct 2018

“S’only Natural” by Hellogoodbye

For Hellogoodbye’s fourth LP, Forrest Kline took in lots of disco and angsty PBR&B for inspiration.

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