13 Sep 2018

This state of the art doomsday weather report brought to you by…

This is incredible, just… wow. I wonder how much they spent on that technology.

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02 Sep 2018

Labor Day Weekend 2018 mood

Too much is not enough.

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22 Jul 2018

RuPaul’s Snail Race

Good luck… and don’t fuck it up.

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17 May 2018

Racist lawyer wigs out over Spanish being spoken at restaurant

Midtown Manhattan lawyer Aaron Schlossberg was caught on video showing off his true racist colors after he became irate that people around him were speaking Spanish. He even threatened to call immigration officials to have them deported.

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07 Jul 2017

Naked man on train slaps Houston cop, gets tasered

A Houston police officer is credited with staying calm after a naked man sprayed him with pesticide and slapped him in the face.

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