16 Jan 2019

Chili’s Denied Meagan Hunter a Promotion Because She Needed to ‘Dress More Gender Appropriate’

Meagan Hunter loved her job as a server at Chili’s Grill & Bar in Phoenix, Arizona — and she excelled at it. She was thrilled when her supervisors suggested that she apply for a new training program to become a manager.

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10 Jan 2019

Comatose woman who had baby is hospitalized, police say

PHOENIX (AP) – An Arizona woman in a vegetative state who had a baby after she was sexually assaulted at a long-term care facility is recovering at a hospital along with her child, authorities said Wednesday as they ramped up the search for a suspect in a case that’s made shockwaves.

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12 Apr 2017

Morrissey Walks Off Mid-Concert After Losing Voice

Black-on-the-inside singer Morrissey cut his Tucson, AZ concert short on Monday night after losing his voice during the performance. The frontman was performing “Everyday Is Like Sunday” when he suddenly walked off the stage after straining to get the lyrics out.

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24 Aug 2016

Michael Phelps to Live in $2.53 Million Arizona Home After Retirement

Olympic legend Michael Phelps is living in luxury.

In December, the winningest athlete in the history of the Games purchased a $2.53 million home in Paradise Valley, Arizona, near his training base for Rio de Janeiro.

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15 Aug 2014

Arizona math teacher arrives drunk to class and keeps drinking: police

An Arizona math teacher arrived drunk at her high school and hit the bottle again in the classroom, where she yelled at her students before one of the pupils alerted administrators, authorities said on Thursday. Kathleen Jardine, 57, a teacher at Poston Butte High School faces one count of public

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