12 Feb 2019

Cardi B deactivates Instagram account after Grammys, Nicki Minaj, BET drama

Cardi B should have been celebrating after becoming the first solo woman to win the Grammy for best rap album.

Instead she had some harsh words for haters on Monday and quit Instagram.

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13 Jan 2019

Pizzagirl ‘blossoms’ on top for third week

Pizzagirl bounces back to the summit with “blossom at my feet, flower” (up 5-1). Hellogoodbye zooms 18-2 with “Here in Yr Arms 2 Back in Yr Arms (feat. S’only Natural).” Mouth Breather hops 9-3 with “Weakness.”

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06 Jan 2019

Ariana Grande back on top for third week with ‘thank u, next’

Ariana Grande rebounds to the top of the chart with “thank u, next.” Halsey crashes into the Top 5 with “Without Me” (up 12-3). Last week’s champ, Pizzagirl, slides to No. 5 with “blossom at my feet, flower.” The week’s highest debut comes from Canadian artist Mouth Breather, whose “Weakness” comes in strong at No. 9.

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31 Dec 2018

The 21 Songs That Rocked 2018

It seems most everyone is in agreement that 2018 was all around just a bad year (it feels like it’s been like that for the past two years, to be honest). While everyone had hoped that the orange tinted Kremlin kowtower residing in the White House would finally get what’s coming to him, nothing of the sort happened and instead the disgraceful autocrat adorer was allowed to continue his demented war on truth, decency and morality. Way to leave us with blue balls, Robert Mueller!

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30 Dec 2018

Pizzagirl’s ‘blossom’ stays fresh on top for second week

Pizzagirl spends a second week on top with “blossom at my feet, flower” as Jon Bellion’s “Stupid Deep” returns to its No. 2 peak. Weezer’s “Can’t Knock The Hustle” reaches a new high at No. 3. A slew of Christmas songs jingle into the countdown, led by Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas,” which re-enters at No. 9.

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