07 Nov 2018

Pornhub will blow your leaves for free

Pornhub is offering free leaf blowing services for residents in Upstate New York, the company announced this week.

“Pornhub wants to blow you for free!! Well, your lawn actually. If you live in Dutchess County, NY email blows@pornhub.com with your contact info+proof of address and we’ll blow you…r leaves off your lawn Nov 7-9! Space is limited!” the porn site tweeted Tuesday.

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15 Sep 2018

The C word

…harcuterie boards. Sorry, ran out of space in the frame.

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29 Aug 2018

Who wore the look better?

Who wore the look better? Lisa Lisa or Michael Jackson?

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22 Aug 2018

German chocolate melts in your mouth

Duplo, the candy bar made by Diplo’s shady cousin.

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22 Jul 2018

RuPaul’s Snail Race

Good luck… and don’t fuck it up.

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