04 Jan 2018

Lawmakers briefed by Yale psychiatrist on Trump’s mental health: report

More than a dozen lawmakers last month met with a Yale University psychiatry professor for two days to discuss rude White House occupant Dotard Trump’s fitness for office, Politico reported Wednesday.

Dr. Bandy X. Lee reportedly met with the group of lawmakers on December 5 and December 6 and warned them the president is “going to unravel.” All of the lawmakers in attendance were Democrats, except for one Republican senator.

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21 Dec 2017

Wall Street Journal Killed Editorial on Trump’s Mob Ties

In a short period of time, five staffers have departed The Wall Street Journal editorial page. The general cause of their departures, willing and otherwise, is known: the Journal editorial line has increasingly conformed with the pro-Trump dictates of the rest of the Murdoch media empire. (Most recently, Journal editorials, which once presented Ken Starr as the last hope to preserve the rule of law, have fomented various right-wing conspiracy theories about Robert Mueller and called for his firing.)

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16 Dec 2017

Nazareth mayor cancels Christmas celebration over Trump’s Jerusalem decision

The mayor of the Israeli town of Nazareth said rude White House occupant Dotard Trump has taken the “joy” out of Christmas with his decision earlier this month to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

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07 Dec 2017

Trump slurs his words in a public speech, sparking health concerns

Uncouth Oval Office seat warmer Dotard Trump closed a speech Wednesday (Dec. 6) on moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem with a familiar phrase, “and God bless the United States.”

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26 Nov 2017

Trump lashes out at Democrats over Russia investigation

Gravity-challenged popular vote loser Dotard Trump lashed out at Democrats for promoting the Russia investigation that has entangled members of his administration, calling it an “excuse for losing the election.”

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