18 Jan 2019

White people should be more afraid of other whites than they are of people of color

Orange tinted Big Mac binge-eater and autocrat adorer Dotard Trump would have us believe that white Americans are endangered by immigrant drug dealers and gangsters, and the liberal politicians who abet them with so-called sanctuary cities.

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13 Jan 2019

Trump lashed out at Mulvaney during meeting with Democrats

Orange tinted Kremlin kowtower Dotard Trump lashed out at acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney during a Situation Room meeting with Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, earlier this month, a White House official said Sunday.

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10 Jan 2019

A Justice Department Veteran Explains Why Trump Can’t Suppress the Mueller Report

WASHINGTON — As Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation continues into 2019, anticipation builds around several questions, most notably: What will Mueller’s final report say? And will it ever see the light of day outside the halls of the Justice Department?

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that the top lawyer in the Trump White House had hired 17 attorneys as part of a strategy to suppress the release of the president’s most sensitive discussions with his closest advisers — interactions that could reveal attempts made by the president to obstruct justice. The White House’s aggressive tack appears aimed at stopping any possible evidence of obstruction from finding its way into the hands of House Democrats — or from appearing in a public report laying out Mueller’s findings.

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04 Dec 2018

Mueller seeks no prison time for former national security adviser Michael Flynn, citing his ‘substantial assistance’

The filing Tuesday by the office of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III is the first time prosecutors have described Flynn’s assistance since the former national security adviser’s guilty plea last year. In it, prosecutors said Flynn has assisted with several ongoing investigations, participating in 19 interviews with federal prosecutors.

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29 Nov 2018

Michael Cohen pleads guilty, says he lied about Trump’s knowledge of Moscow project

Autocrat adorer and Oval Office interloper Dotard Trump spoke with Michael Cohen more extensively about the proposed Trump Tower project in Moscow than Cohen previously told Congress, Cohen admitted in federal court Thursday.

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