07 Mar 2019

How Is Kazuyoshi Miura, the World’s Oldest Footballer, Still Playing at 52?

The man had turned 52 the day before, but the cake presentation had to be put back a day because he had been attending a tea party hosted by Japan’s imperial couple, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, at Tokyo’s Imperial Palace.

Such is the life of Kazuyoshi Miura: cultural icon, Japanese national treasure and, improbably, still a professional football player.

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29 Jun 2017

Dreams of living to age 150 may become reality, study says

Now you can dream of — or dread — living to 150.

A new study says that older research that caps age limits at around 115 years old is outdated. Researchers at McGill University in Montreal found no evidence that maximum lifespan has stopped increasing.

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20 Apr 2016

White women’s life expectancy shrinks a bit

White girls born this year may not live as long as white girls born the year before, according to new life expectancy research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The news is better for non-Hispanic black males and Hispanic men and women. Life expectancy is the number of years you can expect to live based on a statistical average for the population.

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29 Jul 2015

World’s oldest panda celebrates 37th birthday with special bamboo cake

The oldest giant panda ever in captivity has savoured a vegetable and bamboo ice cake in celebration of her 37th birthday.

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