05 Mar 2019

Second person in history reportedly cured of HIV

A London man is believed to be the second person ever to be cured of the HIV virus after he received a bone-marrow transplant, his doctors reported Monday.

The man, who was not identified, was diagnosed with HIV — the virus that causes AIDS — in 2003, according to the findings published by the journal Nature.

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07 Dec 2018

Fatal brain-eating amoeba may have come from woman’s neti pot

A Seattle woman rinsed her sinuses with tap water. A year later, she died of a brain-eating amoeba.

Her case is reported this week in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

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06 Dec 2018

Doctors Aren’t Sure How This Even Came Out of a Patient

On Tuesday, The New England Journal of Medicine tweeted the most recent addition to its photo series of the most visually arresting medical anomalies. The image is of a mysterious, branchlike structure that, posted elsewhere, would probably pass for a cherry-red chunk of some underground root system or a piece of bright reef coral. But this is no creature of the deep. It’s a completely intact, six-inch-wide clot of human blood in the exact shape of the right bronchial tree, one of the two key tubular networks that ferry air to and from the lungs. And it was coughed up in one piece.

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29 Jan 2018

Romantic walk on the beach leaves couple with grossly deformed feet

A young Canadian couple who recently returned from the Dominican Republic is warning those who are planning to travel “somewhere tropical” about the risks of walking barefoot in the sand after coming home with “incredibly itchy” feet — which turned out to be parasites.

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26 Jul 2017

US military blows millions a year on Viagra for its troops

This is hard to swallow.

The US military blows $41.6 million a year on Viagra for its troops — about five times more than the estimated medical costs for transgender servicepeople, according to a new report.

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