17 Mar 2019

Indianapolis children’s museum removes Michael Jackson’s hat and gloves but will keep some photos

The world’s largest children’s museum is removing three Michael Jackson artifacts from display, but it is keeping photos of the King of Pop in an exhibit honoring a young AIDS patient.

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02 Mar 2019

Barbra Streisand chose not to introduce ‘A Star Is Born’ at Oscars

Barbra Streisand snubbed “A Star Is Born” at the Oscars by choosing to instead introduce Spike Lee’s “BlacKkKlansman” as a nominee for Best Picture.

After she starred in the 1976 version of “A Star Is Born,” Streisand won the Oscar for Best Original Song for “Evergreen,” the same award Lady Gaga netted with her current hit “Shallow.”

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19 Feb 2019

Ariana Grande Supports Fans Who Are Boycotting Her Track ‘7 Rings’ for a Very Surprising Reason

There are now three things in life that are certain: death, taxes, and the loyalty of Ariana Grande‘s fans.

After dropping her highly anticipated fifth album, Thank U, Next last week, many of Grande’s new songs went straight to the top of music charts.

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12 Feb 2019

Cardi B deactivates Instagram account after Grammys, Nicki Minaj, BET drama

Cardi B should have been celebrating after becoming the first solo woman to win the Grammy for best rap album.

Instead she had some harsh words for haters on Monday and quit Instagram.

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20 Jan 2019

Just How Many Artists Feel They Got Ripped Off by Ariana Grande?

Well, this, right here, is someone’s swag. But who? In addition to blatantly ripping off that poor Maria von Trapp, Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” is the target of some very direct “oh, I see how it is then” from none other than Soulja Boy himself, after fans pointed out that Ari’s new single calls to mind the rapper’s 2010 hit “Pretty Boy Swag.” On Friday, Soulja posted a fan-made comparison to Instagram, and this time it was him screaming someone’s name. “Arianaaaa??????,” he captioned the video. “Ariana?!”

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