02 Jul 2019

Recruiter accidentally sends racist email to Asian-American job hunter

An Asian-American woman from Chicago said she received a racist email from the vice president of a recruiting firm after scheduling an interview with the company, according to a Monday report.

Connie Cheung told Block Club Chicago she had applied to work as an office management assistant for the recruiting firm Chicago Search Group.

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09 May 2019

BBC sacks Danny Baker over royal baby chimp tweet

Broadcaster Danny Baker has been fired by BBC Radio 5 Live after tweeting a joke about the Duke and Duchess Of Sussex’s son, Archie.

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02 May 2019

Student held racist promposal sign. Now he’s banned from the prom

A student at an Ohio high school is apologizing for a racist promposal sign that got him banned from prom.

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13 Feb 2019

White drunk driving suspect tells black officer the KKK will find him

A white woman suspected of driving drunk in Florida threatened a black deputy during a traffic stop – telling the officer he “f–ked with the wrong white people” and that the Ku Klux Klan will find him, a disturbing video shows.

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18 Jan 2019

White people should be more afraid of other whites than they are of people of color

Orange tinted Big Mac binge-eater and autocrat adorer Dotard Trump would have us believe that white Americans are endangered by immigrant drug dealers and gangsters, and the liberal politicians who abet them with so-called sanctuary cities.

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