01 Dec 2018

Tears of a fake clown

Since 2008, Lady Gaga has cried more crocodile tears than any other celebrity.

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16 Nov 2018

Something to cluck about

Chicken tenders served at restaurants in North America have a 13% chance of being bought pre-cooked and in bulk from a Costco.

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27 Sep 2018

Between rock and a lard place

24.65% of individuals who don’t make it as rock stars end up in accounting; 17.89% in the food service industry.

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12 Sep 2018

Oh my God, yes, Ronny, yes!

13.56% of Americans are sexually aroused when white rappers take part in a protracted public quarrel.

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01 Sep 2018

Or maybe it’s appendicitis

Every year in the United States, close to 400,000 women get pregnant accidentally by swimming in a public pool.

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