08 Jun 2016

Heavenly beef with Béarnaise sauce

Striploin beef, wild mushrooms, confit potatoes and Sauce Béarnaise. This was heavenly. ️

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08 Jun 2016

Who knew Swiss chard could be this tasty?

Swiss chard with melted Gruyère cheese, bacon and Sauce Mornay.

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30 Mar 2016

Now Eating: panda biscuits with creamy chocolate filling

These things are irresistible.

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14 Mar 2016

On the plate: baked fish with a touch of Creole

Haddock fillet with Yukon potatoes, tomatoes, and okra in Creole sauce. You mix dat okra with dat Creole make a fishy bama.

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27 Feb 2016

Tonight, it’s bovine, baby

Dinner tonight: beef ribs, slow smoked for four hours with seasoned hickory hardwood.

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