15 Nov 2008

Non-iPhone owner belittled at company gathering

San Francisco, CA — A Silicon Valley comptroller is considering legal action against his co-workers after being teased about not owning an iPhone during a company gathering earlier this month.

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29 Sep 2008

Study: FedEx couriers ‘easy on the nose’

Vancouver, BC — Federal Express couriers smell nice, a market study has found.

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16 Feb 2008

bent*spud bought out for Beckham undies

Los Angeles, CA — Tuna Apocrypha LLC, the company that publishes world-renowned news portal bent*spud™, has accepted a hostile takeover offer from online poker site GoldenPalace.com.

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29 Nov 2007

Car salesman makes 100th mountain out of molehill

Paducah, KENTUCKY — Automotive vehicle salesman Desmond Market became the toast of his peers today after making his one hundredth mountain out of a molehill.

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21 Mar 2003

How to bullshit your way through a business meeting knowing Jack Shit

Ever gone to a business meeting knowing Jack Shit about the agenda?

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