13 May 2016

Everyone, their aunt to perform at 2016 Billboard Music Awards

Everyone and their aunt will perform at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards.

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01 Apr 2016

Lady Gaga, Iggy Azalea shine at first annual Fishies, Ninnyhammys discontinued

Fresno, CA — Failed pop star and roofie expert Lady Gaga and verbal blackface rapper Iggy Azalea were the big winners at the First Annual Fishy Awards, Bent*Spud’s new awards ceremony held Friday at the Taco Bell on North Cedar Avenue.

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20 Feb 2016

Lady Gaga in talks to star as ‘The Penguin’ in Batman reboot

The failed pop star and former network television intern is reportedly negotiating for a role in a reboot of the Batman movie franchise spearheaded by Henry Selick, a close associate of Tim Burton’s.

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17 Feb 2016

Top Las Vegas producer wants Lady Gaga in tribute revue, says singer was ‘born to do Vegas’

The most prolific producer in Las Vegas wants Lady Gaga to star in a new tribute show he is putting together for Planet Hollywood.

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22 Jan 2016

Academy promises ‘all-black’ Oscars next year, encourages Will Smith to make another movie to ensure acting nod

Stung by widespread criticism it received over the glaring shutout of black actors in the four acting categories for the second year in a row, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) today promised that next year’s Oscars will be an “all-black affair.”

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