11 Nov 2013

Watch naked artist nail his own TESTICLES into the ground in bizarre protest outside Moscow’s Red Square

A naked Russian artist nailed his own testicles to the ground in a bizarre protest against his country’s authoritarian regime. Pyotr Pavelnsky hammered a large metal nail through his scrotum and into the cobblestones in front of Moscow’s Red Square as hundreds of horrified tourists watched on. Police eventually covered

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01 May 2012

Police Shut Down Kris Allen. Kris Allen!

What an awesome guy, this Kris Allen.

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18 Sep 2010

The boys of London

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18 Aug 2010

Katy Perry crashes prom

Hilarious! Oh, and how ADORABLE are those teen chickens that just hatched from gay eggs?

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30 Jul 2010

Debbie Gibson & Tiffany Scuffle In SyFy Movie


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