12 Feb 2017

Twenty One Pilots take their pants off at the Grammys

Twenty One Pilots capped an exceptionally successful 2016 by winning their first ever Grammy Award (for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance) for “Stressed Out.”

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28 Jan 2017

“Whale Music” by the Rheostatics

This third album by inarguably one of the finest musical acts to ever emerge from Canada is also its most brilliant crowning glory, often appearing in the Top 10 lists of greatest Canadian records whenever such polls are collected.

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23 Jan 2017

“I’m Not Afraid” by John Mark Nelson

John Mark Nelson’s fourth studio album is his first release on a label (GRNDWIRE) and shows the remarkable growth of the Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter who has honed his craftsmanship through three prior self-released albums.

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19 Jan 2017

“Walk Type” by Kilner

Avant-garde electronic musician Blawan debuts his new alias Kilner with this EP of heady, menacing, corrosive-sounding music that is definitely not aimed at the dance floor. This is what paranoia must sound like.

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17 Jan 2017

“Olympian” by Gene

It’s an excellent jump-off for talented blokes who know how to wear their influences on their sleeves and still come off with a sonic identity that is distinctly their own.

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