24 Mar 2018

NRA, gun lobbyists preparing ‘Gala For Our Guns’ to counter #NeverAgain pro-gun control movement

Fairfax, Virginia — The National Rifle Association and gun lobbyists across the United States are preparing a massive gala event in an effort to counter the momentum of the swelling anti-gun movement in the country.

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06 Jun 2016

Adele’s ‘sleepy’ music blamed in multi-vehicle crash

Frankfort, MI — The driver of a semi tractor-trailer that caused a multi-vehicle crash on Highway 31 near Traverse City on Monday told crash investigators he fell asleep at the wheel while listening to Adele’s new CD, 25.

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27 Feb 2016

Tonight, it’s bovine, baby

Dinner tonight: beef ribs, slow smoked for four hours with seasoned hickory hardwood.

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06 Nov 2015

Get your dog shit outta my trash!

In North America, nearly 30,000,000 people every year are involved in altercations over the illegal disposal of dog feces.

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13 Jun 2015

Racial identity disorder is real, says leading psychologist

Boston, MA — Racial identity disorder – otherwise known as racial dysphoria – is a real and valid condition affecting millions of Americans and it is time that it is acknowledged as such, a leading psychologist and expert on racial identity issues has claimed.

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