20 Oct 2018

On conformity and mass-produced unicorns

Don’t be a unicorn in a box of unicorns. Be unique.

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28 Sep 2018

Tricolor urban swing

Sometimes the buildings line up just right.

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09 Sep 2018

Hurry, morning! Hurry!

This beverage goes haaaaarrrrrd!

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14 Aug 2018

Call me by your peach

This peach-coloured and peach-scented vinyl special edition of the soundtrack is the bomb!

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10 Jun 2018

Spray tan rubs off from Trump’s hand after aggressive handshake with French President Macron

La Malbaie, Quebec — Dreamy French President Emmanuel Macron accidentally rubbed off spray tan from orange tinted Kremlin kowtower Dotard Trump’s hand following an aggressively firm handshake at the G7 Summit in Canada.

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