27 Sep 2018

Between rock and a lard place

24.65% of individuals who don’t make it as rock stars end up in accounting; 17.89% in the food service industry.

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25 Aug 2018

Hold on, 2018, my 1930s Uber is here

Shopping for a new automobile in the 1930s.

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11 Aug 2018

Gin and raspberries make good pairing

Gin, lemonade, raspberry syrup, mint. Mix and enjoy on ice.

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07 Jul 2017

They know what is what, but they don’t know what is what. What?

In North America, “you know” is uttered 1,298 times in an average 1-hour business meeting involving 2 or more participants.

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30 May 2017

Raspberry mojito

Forever in search of the perfect mojito… this one’s not that bad. I’m still searching, though.

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