06 Oct 2018

Saving Banksy

I personally do not understand the frenzied ado about Banksy and his or her art. It’s cute, sure. But it’s just… basic and quite unremarkable.

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04 Oct 2018


This origin story about a less than sympathetic anti-hero is a welcome addition to the ever-expanding superhero movie canon. It started off a bit slow, but when it picked up the pace, the train was an unstoppable thrill ride with lots of witty banter and comedic moments.

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16 Sep 2018

The Beyond

The use of the interview footage technique is a bit of a lazy cop-out, but perhaps a necessity given budget constraints.

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09 Sep 2018

The Nun

In recent years, a number of movies have tried to originate new monsters to scare us all and make us wary of the dark, but very few have been successful and effective in evoking absolute dread and fear.

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10 Aug 2018

Slender Man

They tried really hard to create another scary monster in the grand old tradition of the Babadook, but they failed miserably. What a disappointing let down.

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